Our strategic collaborations between non profit organisations and corporates have benefits that go way beyond cost savings, they allow us to expand our programmes, gain access to in-house expertise and became more efficient in the delivery of services.

Why partner with Signature of Hope?

It's a great way for the partnering companies to:

  • develop a tighter and more authentic relationship within the non profit sector
  • create greater impact within their communities and
  • provide better engagement opportunities for their employees

Create a story worth telling.

Having employees engage in friendship and support together with their non profit partners provides a great story for the company to tell. It certainly strengthens the bonds between the two organisations.

It's one thing to write a cheque; quite another to get staff involved with fundraising activities, and it's a completely different level of commitment and passion when your team willingly gives up their time, rolls up their sleeves and feels energised by giving hands-on support.

Contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities.

Carrick Wealth

As part of Carrick Wealth's Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and desire to support educational and upliftment projects in the Western Cape, KZN and Johannesburg, its CSI partner is Signature of Hope. The financial services business has committed to support all the Trust's operating costs for the next 3 years (2018 - 2020) with an option to renew. Carrick has also agreed to provide in-kind products, services and facilities to further enhance SOH's mission. Read more about Carrick here.