The Signature of Hope Trust is proudly supported by goal driven achievers who all share a vision of "giving back" and developing projects that will empower young minds.

Craig Featherby - Chairman and Founder of Signature of Hope Trust
Craig Featherby

"Create a vision and never let the environment, other people’s beliefs, or the limits of what has been done in the past shape your decisions."
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Looking back, Craig says "it appears as though I lived in a bit of a selfish world, spending my 'growing years' doing just that, growing... in character... by experience... my marriage... building my business!"

Having started his adult life living on a farm and studying, and then moving into the city and marrying his wife Di, he had no idea that the career opportunity that presented itself would be in Kuwait, leading to further opportunities in Dubai, Tokyo and Japan and eventually home to Africa.

Africa has been both exciting and frustrating says Craig. "There is so much more the continent could offer its people. Despite unstable economies, crime and unemployment amongst other challenges, Africa's time is NOW! Individuals are going to need to step up to help others take a step forward. The continent has much to offer, individuals have much to offer - we need to capitalise on that and keep on keeping on – only, do it better. In the spirit of author Jim Collins “Why be good if you can be great?"

Although Craig donated generously, time and business pressures simply did not allow for personal involvement. Founding the Signature of Hope Trust changed all that and Craig and his fellow Trustees are fully involved in not only the running of the Trust, but are passionate about giving back and can often be seen rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck right in at the various fund raising events.

Mike Fannin - Co-Founder of Signature of Hope Trust
Mike Fannin

"It takes so little to change a life, and the return is far beyond what can be measured by a monetary gauge."
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A successful career in financial services, an addiction to fast cars and endurance sports, and a taste for good food and great wine, Mike says that from an early age he was lucky to have people in his life who taught him the value of giving.

However, the more successful he became, the more he became painfully aware of how little other people had, and a growing urgency to make a difference developed into an overwhelming need to be involved in charitable enterprises. Upon the sale of a business, he became involved in the founding of Zanathemba, which started out as a small orphanage. Then, upon meeting Craig Featherby he realised they shared a similar vision, which led to the founding of Signature of Hope Trust.

While leading a full life with many interests, Mike loves the moments that the Trust has given him: the look on a child’s face when you give them a new pair of shoes, the look of amazement on an aid workers face when they realise what they can do with the money you have given.

Rashay Makan - Trustee of Signature of Hope Trust
Rashay Makan

"We think of ourselves far too frequently as just individuals, separated from one another, whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole World. When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity."
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Rashay was born and raised in Port Elizabeth after which he completed his studies at the University of Cape Town. His passion for creating a meaningful impact begun in his University career where he was a dedicated member of UCT’s SHAWCO foundation. This passion followed through into his professional career as a volunteer of Signature of Hope Trust and now a Trustee. In his professional career, Rashay is the Director of Operations at Carrick Financial Services. His aim is to take his skills of creating operational efficiencies in the corporate sector into the NGO realm.

Bryan Austen - Trustee of Signature of Hope Trust
Bryan Austen

"Africa has so much more to offer, we need to appreciate this beautiful place we have to call home and the wonderful people and animals that we share it with."
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An accountant by profession in the financial services industry, Bryan is the Financial Officer for the Trust.

Born and raised in Cape Town, Bryan lives the ultimate outdoor lifestyle along with his wife and young son. He enjoys spending time with his family outdoors, frequenting the Cape’s beautiful beaches, mountain ranges or participating in extreme sporting events to raise funds for the Trust and ultimately its beneficiaries. Being an active person you will often find him participating in charitable events to build and better communities.

A nature lover by heart, Bryan is passionate about helping others and doing his part to save the environment. "Africa has so much more to offer, we need to appreciate this beautiful place we have to call home and the wonderful people and animals that we share it with."

Sandalene Dale-Roberts - Trustee of Signature of Hope Trust
Sandalene Dale-Roberts

"The whole world should be a family."

Dr. Kamlen Pillay - Trustee of Signature of Hope Trust
Kamlen Pillay

"Enabling others to reach their full potential in every aspect of their lives, is a privelege I've learned to never take for granted"
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Growing up in a South Africa, fractured along so many lines; racial, economic, classist and social, it became apparent to me that our country needed real champions to mend the hurt and pain, that still pervades our societies. Yet despite the challenges we face, as South Africans, we are a nation of fighters and survivors, who continue thrive by staring adversity straight in the face and never failing to find a way to make things better.

With Signature of hope Trust we didn’t want to just create another NGO, we wanted to create a vehicle which would bring about palpable change in the lives of the downtrodden members of our societies. We believe that through our collective efforts of aligning the the goals and visions of all those in our country who are doing their best to uplift their fellow humans, we can harness the the power of positive change under one umbrella. In so doing, we would effect an indelible and sustainable change to the trajectory of where we go as a nation of South Africans, not only in the immediate but also in the distant future, thereby positively changing the landscape that many generations of children will find themselves to be born into.