New Partnerships - Signature of Hope Trust

Smile Foundation

Smile Foundation is a South AFrican non-governmental organisation with a comprehensive health care vision for children living with facial conditions. https://www.smilefoundationsa.org/

Avela Foundation

The Avela Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to help children with burn injuries on their road to physical and psychological recovery. http://avelafoundation.com/


It is estimated that about 20% of South Africans have contact with this NPO in some form. They promote reading and storytelling as a key part of our South African identity. Their work extends to several provinces, focuses on mother tongue languages and provides culturally relevant content. Their aim is to ensure that at least two thirds (about 35 million people) interact directly with the campaign - this aligns with SOHTs vision, and our partnership will bring mutual benefit to both organisations. For more http://nalibali.org/

Bright Kid Foundation

The Bright Kid Foundation has converted over 285 shipping containers into fully functional pre-schools and delivered Edutainers® throughout Africa. Our partnership will bring about the first literacy centre conversion – custom made to suit SOH and Shine specifications. For more www.brightkidfoundation.co.za/


SmartBrain specialises in the development and implementation of learning programmes and methods to curb illiteracy and remedy learning problems - rife among South Africa's youth. The organisation has over 45 centres countrywide that have helped uplift countless struggling learners. SmartBrain has also trained a multitude of parents to be forward thinking in stimulating their children to give them opportunities to develop their potential. Visit www.smartbrainsa.co.za/