Our Mission -  Signature of Hope Trust

The Why

South Africa's NGO's face significant challenges in achieving their goals and objectives. The challenges faced are often internally generated and arise from issues such as poor management, lack of transparency for donors and even corruption.

Whilst NGO’s battle these challenges, South Africa remains in desperate need for long-term, sustainable solutions to tackle hunger, education, housing and many other poverty related challenges.

We firmly believe the challenges facing South Africa cannot be solved by NGO’s acting independently and without clear framework. Solutions need to be aligned towards collaboration to achieve long-term, sustainable solutions. NGO’s need to work together to achieve a common solution with the aim of creating positive change for this country.

Our aim is to create mechanisms and implement systems to achieve centralized funding for NGO’s which can allow for more focused collaboration. In order to prevent internally generated NGO challenges such as management, transparency and corruption issues, we will aim to create an independent regulatory NGO body. The body will also be responsible for training, development and upskilling of NGO’s to meet these standards.

How our projects are selected

The selection of suitable non-profit organisations to partner with will take place in the form of selection criteria and selection process.

The merits of any project will be determined by the following:

  • Significance of the sustainable difference made in the lives of the participants
  • Proven success record and sustainability of the project(s)
  • Measurability and potential scalability of the project(s)
  • Legitimacy and effective corporate governance of the organization

Although once-off initiatives will not be excluded, the aim is long term involvement with sustainable projects that continue to have the biggest impact within the community. All projects will be monitored on an on-going basis and as such reporting structures and infrastructures must be in place.

How we assess the projects we fund

  • Has all the supporting documentation been submitted?
  • Is the project in line with Public Benefit Activities outlined in the Trust's Handbook?
  • Have all documentation and details been verified as accurate and not falling into any excluded category?
  • Is there sufficient funding in reserve to warrant a new
  • Is the project progress measurable and reportable?
  • Does the project adequately address sustainable upliftment (making a difference)?
  • Are the final beneficiaries clearly identifiable, measurable and reportable?
  • Does the project lend itself to long term involvement and commitment?
  • Is there evidence that the organisation and its funding is properly managed?
  • Is there sufficient management of the project to ensure timeous reporting and feedback?
  • Does the project lend itself to involvement from the Trust employees and volunteers?
  • Are there any other aspects to the project that make it stand out?

Transparency of Funds

Signature of Hope Trust values Transparency, Integrity and Professionalism and as such NO operating costs will be deducted from donations received. 100% of donations will be dispersed to the non-profit organisations that the Trust nominate.

In order to ensure maximum engagement, the Trust will provide all stakeholders with regular feedback and reporting on the functioning of the Trust and the projects that it is involved in. Due diligence will be carried out on each beneficiary and the Trust undertakes to build strong relationships with each grantee.


Create collective vision and purpose for all NGO’s.

Implement positive, meaningful and sustainable change in
South Africa.


To create centralized funding mechanisms for NGO’s.

Lead the way for the creation of an NGO regulatory body.


Treat all individuals with respect, care and appreciation

Education is a right not a privilege. Be the small change you wish to see in your community.


Uphold the core principle of trust, transparency and professionalism.

Conduct all activities at a standard which benchmarks NGO activity.