Testimonials and thank you's for Signature of Hope

A letter from Chris Bertish

Jane Goodall once said, "What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make".

Now as I reflect upon the SUP Crossing, I learnt that it's not what I did that is important, the magnitude of standup paddling for 93 days, 7,500 km, 2.5 million strokes, solo, unsupported from Morocco to Antigua, but it's the 'why' I did it that makes the story so truly powerful and unique. I believe that if you are driven by passion and powered by a purpose greater than yourself, you can overcome any obstacle, any challenge and achieve even, the seemingly impossible.

My passion is to inspire people to dream big, to step outside their comfort zone, to take daily steps and actions towards their goals and dreams, to never, ever give up and most importantly to give back and be the positive change we want to see in the world.

My purpose, and as a Signature of Hope Ambassador, is to help raise money for positive change, to educate and inspire future generations of leaders, doctors, lawyers and teachers for generations to follow. That is what's important to me and an incredible legacy to leave behind, this is at the heart of everything I do and hopefully this inspires others as a role model for change through what we do and the driving story behind the SUP Crossing.

A big thank you to Craig Featherby of Carrick Wealth and the Signature of Hope family for believing in my vision, passion and purpose. I am ever grateful for the support and generosity throughout this incredible journey.

Find your passion and the courage to live your true purpose and greatest potential, while always being able to give back and lift up others on this journey called life. Do this by having the courage to believe in yourself, following your heart and never ever giving up or giving in. If you can do that, then you can achieve anything, even the seemingly impossible!
~Chris Bertish

Soup for the Soul

"God did not give me a chance for my kids, but today I am glad I am the mother of plus minus 70 kids. On behalf of Noluntu Soup Kitchen and the children of Silvertown community, we are saying thank you very much for your generous donation - buying food for a year is a good thing. I am looking forward now because you made my dream come true."
~ Ria Temele, Ria's Kitchen - a feeding scheme with heart

"Your generous donation will have a significant impact to continue to help sustain Ria's Kitchen and will guarantee that she can continue to do what she believes to be her true work - improving children's lives."
~Patsy Fivelman, Vice-Chairman of the Union of Jewish Women

Finding True North

"We are so grateful and humbled to be connected to the Signature of Hope Trust. Collaborations and partners in funding are extremely valuable to the marginalized communities of Vrygrond and Overcome who we have chosen to walk alongside. SOH Trust's support has certainly helped us empower pre-school leaders and build a strong ECD community so that the lives of every child we impact can be changed for the better. Thank you for believing in and enhancing our dream."
~The True North Team

Pebbles Project - changing lives

"Signature of Hope Trust not only understands our passion of building empowered communities in the Western Cape, but they have also supported our efforts in building safe, clean and well-functioning physical environments to maximise the stimulation of our beneficiary children. Your support ranges from keeping them warm and dry through winter by sponsoring rain boots, to helping us ensure much needed books for our Hermanus facility library. This has not only enabled our children gain confidence in their learning but has helped them realise they have the power to take control of their own futures. When it comes to community development there are many non-profit organisations that talk a good game, but Signature of Hope Trust as a donor and supporter continues to help us make it happen. We thank you for being part of our story!"
~Charmaine Gola and the Pebbles Team